Nurse Sonographer Enhancement Series



 This membership will Renew your Mind, Spirit, and Skills as we journey through sonography in the pregnancy care center.  Refresh yourself and master the skills with monthly lessons and a LIVE Q&A time with case studies.  Each month we will be covering a new topic relevant to the nurse sonographer and the pregnancy care center. 


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what people are saying about it

"You are the most wonderful blessing. Thank you for all of your time counseling and generosity! Besides coming home with new knowledge, I also came home energized like I had been to a revival! Thank you!"
"You always seem to hit areas that need to be reviewed in our practice. Definitely contributes to making us better at our craft. My original training was more about the machine find the baby and get the heartbeat.
Our population has changed as well as the standards. Thanks for helping us rise to today's expectations. You make us want to be better sonographers."


"This video was very educational. It gives me encouragement that the most important thing to know, is what normal is. If I am not seeing it, then I need more information and take good scans for the doc to see. Also so we can best help our clients seek appropriate medical care."