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As a Nurse Sonographer, you need to be constantly Renewing and Refreshing your skills.  Each membership will give access to one Nurse Sonographer.  I will help you to master the skills necessary to thrive in the center and keep you connected with other like-minded and spirited nurses.  

Join Roxanne Ertel, BA, RDMS for a monthly video lesson, downloadable notes page, a LIVE Q&A time with case studies and questions from the nurses in this membership.  Each month we will cover a new topic relevant to your role as a nurse sonographer.  Including topics like Normal & Abnormal Pathology,  Scanning Protocols, Image Orientation, Knobology, Echogenicity, Transducer Angles, Transvaginal Scanning, 3D/4D Imaging, and many more!

 *If you desire to obtain 2.5 continuing education credits per month, you are required to watch the monthly lesson, pass the quiz, participate in the LIVE Q&A time, and complete an evaluation.

How it works - When you join, you will be given specific membership information.  You will log in each month to watch the video lesson and participate in the LIVE Q&A time. It's just that easy!



Price Options for Membership



Who this Membership for? - This membership is designed for the Nurse Sonographer in the Pregnancy Care Center.  However, it is open to anyone interested in limited OB scanning. 

Video Lesson? - There will be a video lesson uploaded at the beginning of the month. You will be able to watch this lesson at your convenience.

LIVE Q&A's? - The LIVE Q&A time will be on the fourth Wednesday of every month. Questions and case studies must be submitted by the Monday prior.  The link to join is in your membership dashboard. The recording will be posted in the dashboard for later reference.

How do I submit questions or case studies for LIVE Q&A time?  - Submit questions and case studies to [email protected] by the Monday prior to the fourth Wednesday, in order to be used in that session.

Membership Access? - As a member, you will be able to access past content for any of the months that you have paid for. If you desire to look back at a previous months' training, please send me an email asking for the specifics. I will be happy to send that info to you.  So, if you joined in June with an annual membership, you will have access to all of the pieces of training from June and the next 11 months. 

Difference between memberships, Credit & Non-Credit? - We have made both options available to you based on your need for CEU's. However, the content subject taught is the same. The difference is if CEU's are desired, you will need to participate in the LIVE Q&A time, complete the quiz with a passing grade, and complete the evaluation form. 

CEU's? - The CEU's are approved by ANCC (American Nursing Credit Center) through the Montana Nursing Board.  If the nurse is in the Credit version of the membership, a certificate with the CEU's will be given to them if requirements have been met. The nurse will need to submit their CEU's to their own state board. 

Does this replace the need for a refresher course? - There are two memberships to choose from, Credit or Non-Credit. The Credit version of this membership will give the nurse CEU's in the scope of practice, however, the nurse will need to have their skills assessed by an RDMS.  


Meet The Instructor... 


Roxanne Kalata Ertel, BA, RDMS

A professional with over 35 years of experience in Medical Imaging including Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, and Magnetic Resonance in both private and hospital settings.  She has also been Clinical Instructor and Educator for Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Medical Sonography, and co-authored other training delivery systems in the nurse sonographer field.  Her passion has always been ultrasound, her joy is helping others acquire this passion.  She is a member of Soroptimist International, Aglow International, and a graduate of 49B Lions Leadership Academy.

Roxanne is an approved trainer with CareNet and Heartbeat International.