New Beginnings Course

This accredited course is a one-on-one, hands-on, live training to perform limited OB/GYN ultrasound scans at your site.  The New Beginnings Course consists of access to an Online Applied Didactic & Skills section two weeks before the in-center training, your one-week in-center training, access to the online section for 2 more weeks, and a year subscription to our monthly Nurse Sonographer Enhancement Series. This course gives 37.5 CUEs.

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Knowledge Boost Course

This course is an accredited follow-up to Limited OB/GYN ultrasound training with a skills assessment done as a requirement to show continuing education in the new scope of practice, usually done annually. This course gives 6 CUEs.

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Early Pregnancy & Scanning Skills Course

This course is an accredited  Limited OB/GYN ultrasound training with a focus in a 3-6 week gestational age pregnancy.  This course gives 16 CUEs.

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Here's what Nurses have to say about our trainings...


“The hands-on scanning with the instructor present and the anatomy play-doh time was most helpful to me” – Salina, KS

“More confident and self assured with scanning” – Salina, KS

“Most helpful was the repetition throughout the training” – Richfield, MN

“I loved so many days with an instructor present ” – Richfield, MN

“Excellent workbook keeping it simple with lots of ultrasound images” – Richfield, MN

“The visual of the mom’s body to help understanding the fetal position so helpful, thank you.” – Rochester, MN

“I love the hands-on right off the bat” – Dubuque, IA

“Great classroom time with fun workshop and lots of ultrasound images” – Anchorage, AK

“We wish she could have stayed longer” – New Windsor, NY

“My confidence is improved; my skills are improved, and I know what my weaknesses are” – Marysville, CA

“Most helpful. Explaining our own image strips, and looking at ultrasound pictures in the workbook” – Dayton, TN

“I found most helpful reviewing the anatomy and scanning patients, and the critique during my scan session” – Tifton, GA